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Facing a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming, with an abundance of information to absorb, treatments and appointments to coordinate, and the need to adapt to a new way of life. At Gena, we believe in empowering individuals on their cancer journey, making the daunting diagnosis a bit more manageable. 

We’ve crafted Gena to provide comprehensive help and support for everyone living and dealing with cancer. The Gena app is designed to assist you in staying on top of each facet of your cancer treatment, offering personalised genomic insights, and secure management of medical records, appointments, and results in one central hub, supporting you through every step of your unique treatment pathway.

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On each step of your cancer journey

How We Help

Gena provides patients with a wide-ranging tool to manage and understand their diagnosis in more detail. Our commitment to a patient-centric approach is reflected in the seamless fusion of cutting-edge genomic sequencing with an innovative treatment management tool. Gena empowers individuals facing a cancer diagnosis by offering a comprehensive suite of features under a single umbrella. From the Sequencing Service, providing insights into tumour genetics, to the Information Hub acting as a roadmap for comprehensible interpretation of results, and the Treatment Manager aiding in the organisation of documents and appointments, Gena ensures a holistic, personalised experience.

By incorporating digital consultations with genetic counsellors, digestible reports for clinicians, and collaboration with third parties for clinical trial details, Gena enhances critical clinical communication and fosters informed decision-making.

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