Family & Carers

We provide resources and support tailored to the needs of family members and caregivers, ensuring they feel supported throughout their cancer journey.

Cancer Is Not
Something Todo Alone

Facing a cancer diagnosis is a scary experience, touching the lives of not just loved ones, but also wider family and friends. At Gena, we recognise that cancer touches everyone involved. Navigating this journey together is inevitably challenging and sometimes overwhelming. We believe that facing cancer shouldn’t involve a solitary journey; it should be a collective experience in which mutual support, understanding, and care create a stronger foundation for everyone involved. That’s why we’ve built our management tool for our community of friends and family to use alongside their loved ones, serving as a space where valuable support can be offered and shared.

Support Loved Ones

Supporting your loved ones through their cancer journey is helped with Gena. You play a vital role during and beyond treatment. Stay connected with the patient’s treatment journey 24/7 through our platform. Gena allows you to actively share and save notes, and research important insights while staying on top of medications, prescriptions, treatments, appointments and documents. Gena’s user-friendly interface empowers you to be actively involved from near or far in the management of your loved one’s treatment pathway. Gena aims to be an essential companion in supporting your loved ones throughout their experience of cancer.

Supporting Patients

On each step of your cancer journey

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