Empowering rare-cancer patients. Informing better treatment decisions.

Gena offers a digital platform specifically for rare-cancer patients, to enable more informed treatment decisions.

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Cancer is Unique

With diverse diagnoses, unique genetic profiles and personal situations, every cancer patient will navigate a unique cancer journey. At Gena, we understand the challenges of staying on top of appointments, correspondence, prescriptions, and an ever-evolving medical landscape. We’re here to help.

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On each step of your cancer journey

A Bit About Us

Gena was born out of the personal experience of one of the company’s founders, Skomer, who lost his mother to the highly aggressive brain tumour Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM). Motivated by the huge challenge that many cancer patients face in finding more tailored and effective treatments beyond conventional options and so-called ‘standard of care’, Skomer envisioned a platform that would empower cancer patients to have the tools and resources to do so and embark on their cancer journey on a more equal footing with their health care professionals.

As a result, Gena blends cutting-edge genomic sequencing with a profound understanding of the complexities of a cancer journey.  The company has created a digital platform that serves as a tool for patients, offering insights into their tumour’s genetics and providing a comprehensive approach to managing treatment pathways.

Our Vision

Our vision is for every person with a cancer diagnosis to have the tools, resources and information they deserve, empowering them to receive the most effective care available and to give them the best chance of a cure.

Identify Options

Transforming the lives of rare cancer patients by identifying potential treatment pathways

Empower Patients

Empowering patients with the knowledge to make the most informed treatment decision.

Ease the Journey

Easing the journey for patients, carers and loved ones by providing useful tools and resources, helping for a brighter tomorrow

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