What is genomics? Let’s start with the Genome.

What is genomics? Cartoon of a doctor looking down a microscope at DNA with the title "A Brief Guide to Genomics" and the GENA logo in the corner.

In this article, we will break down the question, “What is genomics?”, and the science behind it into easy-to-understand chunks. Let’s start with the Genome. What is genomics? Firstly, let’s start with the Genome. It’s the genetic blueprint found in nearly all organisms, guiding our bodies’ building, maintenance, and regulation. Each cell holds DNA, totalling […]

Gena Receives Innovate UK’s “Trailblazing Innovation Award” to Improve Cancer Patients’ Access to Critical Genome Sequencing – UKRI Unlocking Potential Award

Innovate UK UKRI Unlocking Potential Award In a world where innovation often serves as a buzzword, UKRI’s Unlocking Potential Award celebrates the progress UK startups make in addressing society’s most pressing challenges. Recently, Innovate UK’s prestigious UKRI Unlocking Potential Award granted Gena recognition, affirming our commitment to improving the lives and outcomes of rare cancer […]